In September, the Warriors named BamBam as an official ambassador. BamBam even tweeted his support for Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins to make the NBA All-Star Game. Wiggins finished with the fifth-most votes received.

That relationship between the team and the pop star then grew into this exclusive merch drop in what turned out to be a big success for both sides.

"I think this has been everything that we wanted it to be thus far. We kind of wanted to take an influencer where two brands come together, but there's no real connection, there's no real affiliation, try to take that and make it a little bit deeper," Warriors chief legal officer David Kelly said. "Do more than just the typical, hey, you tweet about us, we say great things about you and everyone's happy. We wanted to actually have product that shows the connection."

The other portion of the activation is that BamBam will also be performing his new song, "Wheels Up," at halftime of the Warriors' final home game on Thursday with local musician Mayzin.